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Unlimited Replays - Geek Out Barcelona

Unlimited Replays - Geek Out Barcelona

Unlimited Replays - Geek Out Barcelona


Here’s a small taste of what you’ll learn:

✅ Tim Burd drops his brand-new “388” technique - plus his controversial opinion on 😂e🔥m🔥o🔥j🔥i🔥s 😂

(He also narrates a video of him setting up a campaign live, step by step.)

✅ Nick Shackelford shows you how his “Retention Offer Burst” tactic turned $587k spend into $1.4 million revenue in 7 days (and how you can use the same trick to improve your own retention rates with FB).

✅ Brandon Stewart reveals how he hacked his way into becoming a Facebook employee… then used his knowledge to hit $25k in 4 days. (Look CLOSELY at slide 8… those are real dates and real EPC… this is the raw data.)

✅ James van Elswyk gets honest with you all… maybe too honest. He literally shows you how he marketed the Geek Out event itself. (This is extra valuable for anyone doing VIDEO… or transitioning into a brand/retention mindset…)

✅ Josh Elizetxe blows your mind with the Joint Ventures and Strategies he’s used to build an empire that cannot be stopped. He bootstrapped his internet business into 9 figures, including 6 multi-million dollar brands under one holding company. Guess what? You can do it too, if you think BIG enough…

(Also: If you’re experiencing BURNOUT, Josh knows how you feel - check the middle section of his presentation.)

✅ Maor Benaim runs his campaigns with a level of detail that will blow you away. He reveals all… plus, he explains how he uses UNFAIR ADVANTAGES to strike gold (and leave other affiliates scratching their heads).

(Oh, and he also reveals the TRUE POWER of… uh… “accidental celibacy”? You’ll get it when you see his speech 😂)

✅ Anthony Sarandrea flips the script on SEO, showing you why the most common MYTHS are stopping many people from taking advantage of FREE traffic. The trick is not to put all your eggs in one basket; in his speech, he shows you how he finds balance to generate above-average results with consistency.

✅ Dee Deng & Scott Seward deliver a powerful one-two punch as Right Hook Digital, one of the top agencies in Australia. If you’re working on building a brand that gains value over time, their speech will help you take money-saving shortcuts… and avoid serious HEADACHES.

✅ Tim Calwell gives away his Dropshipping techniques, including “Chinese Whispers” - a system for finding hot products. It’s deceptively simple, but incredibly useful for those who need inspiration or want to launch Dropshipping with WINNING PRODUCTS right away.

✅ Ben Opsahl shows how he “creatively borrows” great ideas to create powerful copy - and he shows you, step by step, how you can do it too. He even reveals how he wrote the ad that converted multiple people in the audience. (Got a team of copywriters? They’ll love this…)

That’s just one small bit from each. There’s much more. We were blown away by what these guys brought to the table, and you can see that in the buzz it’s received from the industry.


Geek Out is not just a knowledge event. It’s a community, and we’re truly dedicated to helping you - and each other. That’s why we do some crazy stuff.

When you grab the Geek Out Barcelona Replay, you also get the slides from the speakers.

(Take all the time you need to extract full information… replays are unlimited.)

Still need something? Stuck? Trying to implement?

We won’t leave you hanging. We’re all still here, ready to answer your questions. When you buy the Geek Out Replay, you also get a fast-track to advice that will propel you to the top.


✅ There’s more information in here than you can soak up at once, so replays are unlimited.
✅ We guarantee you’ll learn something valuable or your money back.
✅ You get full access to the slides.
✅ You’ll get advice from the speakers as needed.
✅ You’ll FINALLY understand why we’re so inspired and crazy about this knowledge-sharing format…