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The Ultimate Training for Native Ad Buyers

The Ultimate Training for Native Ad Buyers


Earn Low Maintenance Profits with Native Ads

Master the Last True "Set it and Forget it" Traffic Platform

With pops on the decline, mobile dominated by CPI and low quality grey hat, Native Ads have emerged as one of the most uncomplicated, most profitable opportunities for affiliate advertisers.

No Algorithm? No Problem!

Native Ads represent media buying in its purest form, and are not governed by a mysterious social algorithm like Facebook Ads.

Take your Affiliate success into your own hands and learn to source the best offers, build the best creatives, take the right measurements, build the right tests, and optimize your results to massive profitability.

Live Classes

For the first 6 weeks after the course launch, students participated in Live Classrooms with James. Now these classes have been recorded and are included in course content. 

James Van Elswyk Loves Native Ads

Maybe because they are where he earned his first $20K profit days.

For the Native Ads Master Class, James shows students start to finish, strategies tactics that can be copied and pasted into their own campaigns.

These tactics and strategies are underpinned by a theory on how to make money with native ads that James teaches to his own media buying team. 


Meet Your Trainer

James Van Elswyk
Media Buying Expert and CEO/Founder of Purple Leads
James Van Elswyk lives, eats, and breathes affiliate media buying. James grew purple leads from buying media himself to 7 media buyers, and 25 total employees that buy traffic on 5 traffic sources, spending 7 figures a just 10 months. James is a natural teacher and loves to collaborate with other hustling media buyers. His biggest day in solar reached over $100K, and he continues to spend big and earn big on both native and Facebook Ads.  

Native Ads Master Class Free Trial (Available Now!)

Part1: (Free Trial)
Why I Like Native Ads Even Better Than Facebook Ads
  • Manual and Predictable, Less Algorithmic
  • Massively Scalable
  • Low Maintenance Once Cracked

Part 2 (Free Trial)
How and Why You Can Make Massive Profit with Native Ads
  • Native Ads Overview
  • Theory - how to adjust and improve
  • Buy It and Try It
  • Do the Homework

Part 3: (Free Trial)
Widget Hunting - The Ultimate Hack for Quick Native Profits
  • Step by Step: How to Hunt for Widgets
  • How to Dig into a Widget to Get its Secrets
  • Uncovering the Full Funnel


Chapter 1: How to Get the Most Out of This Course
  • Copy and Paste Methodology
  • Theory - how to adjust and improve
  • Buy It and Try It
  • Do the Homework
Chapter 2: Basic Understanding
  • Click Path
  • Click Tracker
  • Path Metric
  • Path Tracking
Chapter 3: Competitor Analysis
  • Traffic Source Recommendations
  • Spytools
  • Manual Spying
Chapter 4: Offers and Traffic
  • How to Find the Best Offers
  • Offers with the Highest Chance of Success
  • How to Select Traffic Sources
  • Costs Per Traffic Source
Chapter 5: Relationships & Sources
  • Getting a Rep
  • Rep Maintenance
  • Account Rep Code Words
  • LinkedIn Management
Chapter 6: Publisher Selection
  • RevContent Specific Advice
  • How to setup campaigns on RevContent
  • Placements
  • Pixels
Chapter 7: Funnel Assembly
  • Campaign Testing
  • Installing FunnelFlux
Chapter 8: The 3 B's of Native
  • Bankroll Management
  • Budget
  • Bids
Chapter 9: Funnel Optimization
  • Reduce Losses
  • Funnel Optimization Rules
Chapter 10: Publisher Optimization
  • Whitelist
  • Blacklist
  • Greylist
Chapter 11: Re-optimize & Sharpen the Sword
  • Re-optimize Bids
  • Drive CPCs Down
  • LP Optimization
Chapter 12: Ways to Scale
  • Vertically
  • Horizontally
  • Discovery