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Unlimited Replays - The Testing Methodology that Save Me Millions

Unlimited Replays - The Testing Methodology that Save Me Millions

Unlimited Replays - The Testing Methodology that Save Me Millions



by James Van Elswyk

Testing is an essential to creating profitable media buying campaigns and learning to test economically can make or break your whole business. However testing is a skill that many marketers overlook. In this powerful module, Purple Leads Founder and CEO, James Van Elswyk teaches you the exact testing methodology that has helped him scale his 8 figure business on Facebook and Native Ads. 

What Will I Learn?

James' module on Ad campaign Testing will teach you the exact system he uses to analyze and optimize his Facebook and Native Ad campaigns for both lead generation and ecommerce offers, in the most economical way possible.

  • How to Test Images, Headlines, and Body Text
  • How to Test Audiences and Interests
  • How to Test Offer and Landing Page
  • How to Test with Manual Bidding
  • How to Define Statistical Significance
  • How Much to Spend on Testing Total and Per Variable
  • How to Maintain Data Hygeine
  • Handy Benchmarks for CTRs and Conversion Rates

Meet Your Trainer

James Van Elswyk

James Van Elswyk

Media Buying Expert and CEO/Founder of Purple Leads

James Van Elswyk lives, eats, and breathes affiliate media buying. James grew purple leads from buying media himself to 7 media buyers, and 25 total employees that buy traffic on 5 traffic sources, spending 7 figures a  just 10 months. James is a natural teacher and loves to collaborate with other hustling media buyers. His biggest day in solar reached over $100K, and he continues to spend big and earn big on both native and Facebook Ads.

Course Description

In this module James Van Elswyk teaches the exact testing methodolgy that has helped his business save millions of dollars. By learning to test quickly, thoroughly, and economically, you can put your affiliate campaigns as well as your business as a whole in a better position to thrive and grow. Testing is often overlooked by marketers, or worse yet, marketers tend to go with their gut. This approach can lead to thousands in wasted ad spend, days of lost time and campaigns that never reach their potential.

James Van Elswyk says stop going with your gut! Here he provides his methodology to test headlines, ad copy, images, landing pages, audiences and interets. Learn to test properly and watch your campaigns and business flourish.


Section 1 - Data Hygiene

If you don’t buy clean data you've paid for nothing

  • How to name campaigns
  • How to create a proper testing environment to isolate variables
  • How to run a control
  • Testing is not performance or scaling. Its testing – Don’t fall In love

Secton 2 – Data Purchasing

  • Assume Loss – PNL loss but info Profit
  • How to keep testing cheap by ordering your testing
  • What KPIs to measure and their unique testing requirements

Section 3 – Data Testing Planning

  • How to create a testing plan
  • How much should you spend and how long should you test?
  • Testing with or without algo influence

Section 4 – Data analysis

  • What constitutes statistical significance
  • When to prolong a test
  • How to analyze results
  • Winner moves on: How to advance your test
  • How to verify results