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Geek Week - Shack Show

Geek Week - Shack Show

Geek Week - Shack Show




Nick Shackelford has just had another record-breaking Q4 - spending $500k-$1 million per DAY - and he can’t wait to share! 
Over 2 full days, Nick will walk you through the following: 

Major learnings from Q4 (plus one unforgettable takeaway) 
What you absolutely need to know about changes at FB 
Case studies and analysis of what’s working now for numerous brands 
How to structure campaigns and accounts effectively 
The latest best practices for prospecting, re-engagement and remarketing 
Real bidding and budgeting case studies, including success metrics and targets 
Advanced split testing methodology (with input from James Van Elswyk) 
Step-by-step iterative process for identifying the best creatives and angles 

And that’s just the beginning. In this exclusive session, Nick is also offering to log into your account with you and workshop your campaigns (100% private - this will not be live streamed and you cannot get this service anywhere else). 

WHAT: FB & Ecom Workshop with Nick Shackelford 
WHEN: Saturday & Sunday, January 12th & 13th 2019, 9:00am-6:00pm 
WHY: You run FB ads and want to increase your profitability with confidence… or you just want to spend 2 days in a mansion with Nick Shackelford