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Geek Week - All Access  Vip Pass

Geek Week - All Access Vip Pass

Geek Week - All Access Vip Pass



Exclusive access to all events:


We’re kicking off Geek Week with two badass networking sessions: R.O.High on January 9th and Pixels & Pints on January 10th. Both events feature a relaxed setting with different themes for each: 

R.O.High gives us all the chance to take a deeeep breath and think creatively about our campaigns. Led by James Van Elswyk and featuring a guest appearance by “Mary Jane”, we’ll dig into creatives and landing pages in the most open-minded setting ever created at a marketing event. 

Master copywriter, Heath Wilcock will be joining and he'll present his "improv copy" method that has quickly made him one of the most in-demand copywriters for emails and sales pages. 

He'll go in detail on how to write daily emails people eagerly look forward to reading and buying from... and it has to do with "following the weird." 

To take advantage of our relaxed state of mind during this night, Heath will also reveal how he uses comic books to create landing pages that people can't help but to scroll and read. 

Pixels & Pints is a safe space for free-flowing data discussion over drinks. Hosted by agency rockstar Dee Deng, all the speakers and top-level attendees will gather at the Geek Week Mansion to buzz about budgets, chat clicks over cocktails and set a geeky tone that will carry us through the week. 


186 million users, many in demographics that are hard to reach on other platforms. Users are highly engaged, viewing 18 Snaps a day on average. Snapchat is a sleeping beast… but how do you wake it up (and get it raging in your favor)? 

Matt Smith knows how tough it can be to crack the code. Your creatives need to be platform native, but still packed with selling power. The platform is new, meaning it’s full of nuances that can make or break your campaign. In this session, he’ll demystify this growing (and CHEAP) platform that can supplement your current campaigns or, as he’s proven, stand alone as a high-ROI moneymaker. 


Nick Shackelford has just had another record-breaking Q4 - spending $500k-$1 million per DAY - and he can’t wait to share! 
Over 2 full days, Nick will walk you through the following: 

Major learnings from Q4 (plus one unforgettable takeaway) 
What you absolutely need to know about changes at FB 
Case studies and analysis of what’s working now for numerous brands 
How to structure campaigns and accounts effectively 
The latest best practices for prospecting, re-engagement and remarketing 
Real bidding and budgeting case studies, including success metrics and targets 
Advanced split testing methodology (with input from James Van Elswyk) 
Step-by-step iterative process for identifying the best creatives and angles 

And that’s just the beginning. In this exclusive session, Nick is also offering to log into your account with you and workshop your campaigns (100% private - this will not be live streamed and you cannot get this service anywhere else). 


The tradition goes back thousands of years. Ancient philosophers, rowdy artists and resourceful businessmen have gathered throughout history to discuss their best ideas over dinner, leading to lifelong friendships, breakthrough ideas and powerful alliances. 

The Dumbest Dinner takes it to another level: we challenge everyone to bring their smartest friends and their best ideas… but check the ego at the door. Your goal is to appear to be the “dumbest” person at the table, inspiring conversations with curious questions and (so important we’re repeating it) NO EGO. 

The Dumbest Dinner is the highlight of every Geek Out event - the people and perspectives you’ll encounter are unforgettable and the circumstances are unrepeatable. Do not miss this one!!