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Bundle: Live Stream: New Money Day & Taboola Day

Bundle: Live Stream: New Money Day & Taboola Day

Bundle: Live Stream: New Money Day & Taboola Day



New Money Day & Taboola Day

Taboola Day

Feb 11, 2019

Special guests:
  • Nick Shackelford
  • James Van Elswyk
  • Maor Benaim "The Wolf"
  • Matt Smith "Snapchat Matt"
  • John Belcher
  • Daniel Javor
  • Ben Opsahl
  • Topher Grant
  • Heath Wilcock
  • And Special guest: Eliran Ben Yehuda the managing Director of Taboola in Israel and Africa
Location: Jerusalem
Schedule: Taboola Day: 9:00am-6:00pm 

New Money Day

Feb 12, 2019

Special guest: James Van Elswyk & Ben Opsahl
Location: Tel Aviv Stock Exchange - Main Room
Schedule: 9:00am-6:00pm

Can’t Make It To Israel? No Problem.

Get The 2-Day Livestream + Unlimited Replays And Still Receive The High Value Teaching From…

Nick Shackelford who is the king at Facebook ECOM ROAS. He runs upwards of 35+ brands on Facebook and spends anywhere between $500K to $1MM a day. No one scales at the Jedi-level like my boy Shack.

 Nick Shackelford

Maor Benaim "The Wolf"... he's a marketing legend, and he'll show you what he's doing to great success and how he turns every campaign turn to pure solid gold.

 Maor Benaim

John Belcher. Maybe you've heard of him? Yes, THE John Belcher of Adskills and head of internal traffic at GiddyUp will be speaking about optimizing campaigns and making sure each campaign is a winner.


Daniel Javor. James’ partner and super affiliate. He’s going to talk about all things affiliate marketing, what’s working, and what to be cautious of in 2019.


Matt Smith aka "Snapchat Matt" is going to give an in-depth look at how he's making 5k a day on the platform. He'll show his numbers and why Snapchat is the place to be in 2019.


Topher Grant from GiddyUp! Topher is going to speak and give you some goodies on why "white hat" offers will dominate 2019... and why GiddyUp is the creme de la creme of white hat offers that everyone's tripping over themselves to get their hands on…


Ben Opsahl. An amazing copywriter that is so detailed and scientific when it comes to copywriting. He's a straight up geek with copywriting. He's going to show you how to make people not turn away from landing pages... as if they are hypnotized.


Heath Wilcock spoke at Geek Week in Vegas and had everyone laughing and learning. So he’s coming back. Everyone loved his insane, crazy passion for copywriting and using improv to create quick angles that get big results.


James Van Elswyk. His training is called: “The Sh*t You Really Need To Know About Native and Taboola.”


Bonus! Fireside Chat with James and Topher Grant of GiddyUp. They’ll discuss the affiliate marketing landscape and why “white hat” offers will dominate in 2019.


Note: this will not be the same “recycled” talk these speakers gave at a previous event. This is all new. They will teach about what’s working for them right now.


For only $499.00 you get the live stream + unlimited replays.


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